Chapter 1. Config the DB2 JDBC

  • Add DB2 JDBC Driver
  • Frequent Issues
  • Add DB2 JDBC Driver

    Before do export operation from DB2 database to the CSV(TSV, PSV) database, you should assign the DB2 Database JDBC driver path and set the driver class. If you have done this operation before prior export operation, you can skip this step.

    1.  Click the Start menu and the "JDBC Driver Config"



    2. In the Driver Name textbox, you should input the jdbc description for identity this JDBC Driver, for example, "DB2 JDBC". You can assign the name at your will, except it can't contain the '/' character, and it should not equal the "Add A New Config" (which is reserved by Data Export 2007), and it must be different to the other driver name have existed in your system.

    3. In the JDBC Package List, it  shows the jdbc package files which this JDBC Driver uses. It is controled by Add Package and Remove Package buttons. For example, you click Add Package button, it will show a File Chooser dialog for select the JDBC package files 

    4. After you select the JDBC package files, (by the way, here you can select multi files at this file chooser dialog), the JDBC package files will automatic added the JDBC Package list, and the JDBC Driver class contained in the packages will automatic added to the Driver Class List 

    5. Select one class to act as the Driver class for build database connection when do export operation. You can see the Driver Class is changed to the item selected in the driver Class List.


    6. Click the Save Config button, if you see the text in JDBC Driver ComboBox changed to the text you inputed at the Driver Name TextBox, it shows the JDBC Driver Config saved successly.

    Frequent Issues

      Some errors maybe happens when you do the JDBC Driver Config. The followed pictures show some common reasons for errors.

    1.   Have not assign the Driver Name.

    2. Assigned a Driver Name which have existed in your system.

    3. Have not assign the JDBC Packages

    4. Have not assign the JDBC Driver Class

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