DBAdmin is intergrated enviroment for start,stop,test,manage and monitor the HXTT database software! DBAdmin is contained in the all hxtt java database software package ,you can download the package from here for test use! How to start this DBAdmin program?
For example,if you have download the HXTT Excel 3.0 package whose filename is Excel_JDBC30.jar and save it to c disk,you can run it by
java -classpath c:/Excel_JDBC30.jar com.hxtt.sql.admin.Admin you will see this window!
In default ,this program will product a file named urlconfig.properties locate in user.home enviroment variable.
You can assign the hxtt.urlconfig environment variable to assign the urlconfig.properties path.For example,
java -classpath c:/Excel_JDBC30.jar -Dhxtt.urlconfig=c:/urlconfig.properties com.hxtt.sql.admin.Admin

This left list is the configed url list,click a url in this list ,you can see this url config information at the right window!

This url name is used to represented this url config information; this url information text is this url information for start,stop,manage and monotor url information, this url information must be a correct embedded jdbc url or remote jdbc url(this sample describes only an embedded url service, if you wish to access remote, you should use remote url service, for instance, jdbc:excel://localhost:3099//usr/datadir); this auto start is used to assign if this remote url start when this dbadmin program start,it is general used to start the hxtt java database server after start the rmi service ! this log information is used to assign if log this server access information to a disk file ; Click this View Monitor button,you can view the select url monitor window!

This Server Information item in the left list is used to show the general information about this selected url! If the server have not started,you can click the right image to start this server, after start this server,you can see four item at this left list! This Server Catalogs is used to build a connection and execute some sql at the server,you can see the result at this right-bottom window!

This Server Controls is used to monitor the physical file which is now accessed by the server! กก

This Server Connections is used to monitor the current connections connected this server and their activity. There are a connection list at the right top window to show the current connections! At the right bottom window,there are three tabpanes! The first is used to show the current sql sentence executed by the selected connection ; this second is used to show the logical table accessed by the selected connection; this third is used to show the physical table accessed by the selected connection;

At the connections list,select a connection and right-click mouse ,you can close a connection at the popup menu!

At the accessed logical table list ,select a item and right click mouse,you can close the this logical table opened by this selected connection!

At the accessed physical table list ,select a item and right click mouse,you can close the physical table ,but you should be careful,because this operation will close the physical table no matter this table is accessed by other connection!

It a physical table is locked a lot of records and you can only release some records locks,you should select a item at the physical table record locks list and right click mouse,click the close menu to release the selected record lock,and redo this step to release other record lock until you don't want to do so.

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