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JDBC Databases
  HXTT Access 7.1.135
  HXTT Cobol 5.0.135
  HXTT DBF 7.1.136
  HXTT Excel 6.1.139
  HXTT Json 1.0.107
  HXTT Paradox 7.1.135
  HXTT PDF 2.0.135
  HXTT Text(CSV) 7.1.135
  HXTT Word 1.1.135
  HXTT XML 4.0.136
Offshore Outsourcing
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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)
Offshore Outsourcing
   Uknown data file format, file corruption, and data loss often occur, and most are likely convertible or recoverable if the appropriate steps are taken. HXTT ensures the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions to recapture data that has been unknown, corrupted or seemingly destroyed. Our database experts can crack your uknown data file, repair your corrupted datbase file, and write even a database engine for your unknown legacy or user-defined databse files.

This is how it works:
    (1) You send our e-mail address your data file(s) for further investigation. If possible, you do not need to send us confidential data, instead you can send us a generated data file that contains non-confidential test data, and we can dicover file format based on this sample data file. Of course, we will keep your data files strictly confidential and we can sign NDA that obliges us to keep it confidential.
    (2) If we can extract data through some manual work, we will tell you how much it will cost to get this data (minimum charge is $695). If we cannot, then we will *not* charge you.
    (3) If you agree to pay the requested amount, you issue a PO or pay the amount by credit card, and we will give you the formatted data or speical conversion program.

  Please contact us at to find out more about retrieving or saving your valuable data.
Newest news
HXTT JDBC packages supports dynamicall column name/value and ILIKE pattern for PIVOT and UNPIVOT
HXTT Word v1.0 JDBC(4.2, 4.3) packages Released
HXTT newest JDBC 4.3 packages Released
HXTT newest JDBC 4.2 packages Released
Support SFTP protocol
HXTT newest JDBC 4.1 packages Released
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HXTT Cobol Document
HXTT DBF Document
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