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Linux file issue
Kevin Berry
2005-09-28 00:00:00.0
I have written code to do an access export the code works properly on my windows machine for testing, but when I move it over to our Phedora linux machine the code does not work. We belive the problem has something to do with stripping the leading '\' of the database file path when opening it with jdbc you can see this issue in the following log statements.

2005-09-28 13:38:52,406 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#304) Class Created
2005-09-28 13:38:52,408 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.aging.reporting.EldersourceExport (#98) filename= AccessExport-1127929132408.mdb
2005-09-28 13:38:52,410 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.aging.reporting.EldersourceExport (#99) databasepath /opt/jboss-4.0.1/server/all/deploy/peerplace.war/pdffiles///repository//reports//AccessExport-1127929132408.mdb
2005-09-28 13:38:52,412 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.aging.reporting.EldersourceExport (#100) templateDB= /opt/jboss-4.0.1/server/all/deploy/peerplace.war/pdffiles///reports//eldersourceexport//Eldersource_Access_Export.mdb
2005-09-28 13:38:52,423 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.aging.reporting.EldersourceExport (#105) About to transferto databasepath /opt/jboss-4.0.1/server/all/deploy/peerplace.war/pdffiles///repository//reports//AccessExport-1127929132408.mdb
2005-09-28 13:38:52,535 [ERROR] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#414) SQLException-->
2005-09-28 13:38:52,536 [ERROR] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#415) opt/jboss-4.0.1/server/all/deploy/peerplace.war/pdffiles/repository/reports/AccessExport-1127929132408.mdb doesn't exist!
java.sql.SQLException: opt/jboss-4.0.1/server/all/deploy/peerplace.war/pdffiles/repository/reports/AccessExport-1127929132408.mdb doesn't exist!
at Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.access.j.if(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.access.j.(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.access.EmbeddedDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.HxttDriver.a(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.HxttDriver.connect(Unknown Source)
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(
at com.peerplace.reporting.AccessExport.createAccessConn(
at com.peerplace.reporting.AccessExport.createReport(
at com.peerplace.reporting.AccessExport.createReport(
at com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine.processCannedReport(
at com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine.processJob(
at com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine.startEngine(
at com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine.main(
2005-09-28 13:38:52,603 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#163) setJobErrorState
2005-09-28 13:38:52,606 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#146) setJobID: 0
2005-09-28 13:38:52,607 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#551) Processed 0 jobs.
2005-09-28 13:38:52,608 [DEBUG] com.peerplace.jobengine.JobEngine (#552) 1 jobs where set to Error State.

as you can see the line at '2005-09-28 13:38:52,423' displays the path of the mdb('/opt/jboss-4.0.1/...') and the sql error opening on line at '2005-09-28 13:38:52,536' prints the path as '/opt/jboss-4.0.1/...' I believe this may be the issue. Here is the doe used as well.

String filename = "AccessExport-" + ( new Long( (new Date()).getTime() ) ).toString() + ".mdb";
this.databasePath = systemDir + filename;

log.debug("filename= "+ filename);
log.debug("databasepath "+ this.databasePath);
log.debug("templateDB= "+ templateDB);
File templateFile = new File(templateDB);
File outputFile = new File(databasePath);
FileChannel in = new FileInputStream(templateFile).getChannel();
FileChannel out = new FileOutputStream(outputFile).getChannel();
log.debug("About to transferto databasepath "+ this.databasePath);

in.transferTo( 0, in.size(), out);

Connection result = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:Access:/" + databasePath);

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Re:Linux file issue
Kevin Berry
2005-09-28 00:00:00.0
error occurs on line:

Connection result = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:Access:/" + databasePath);
Re:Re:Re:Linux file issue
HXTT Support
2005-09-28 00:00:00.0
>Connection result = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:Access:/" + databasePath);
Connection result = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:Access:///" + databasePath);

Good luck:)
Re:Re:Re:Re:Linux file issue
HXTT Support
2005-09-28 00:00:00.0
That url will work on Windows and Linux:)

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