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Looking for Type 4 JDBC driver for MS Access
Rodna Wheeler
2007-01-25 16:24:21
I am trying to test your driver with Sequel software, but I don't understand instructions on loading driver, import the java.sql package. I the driver on an iSeries.
Re:Looking for Type 4 JDBC driver for MS Access
HXTT Support
2007-01-25 16:34:12
Where can I find an evaluaton version of Sequel software, then we can tell you how to use it with HXTT JDBC drivers.
Re:Re:Looking for Type 4 JDBC driver for MS Access
Rodna Wheeler
2007-01-25 16:36:41
Re:Re:Re:Looking for Type 4 JDBC driver for MS Access
HXTT Support
2007-01-25 17:44:33
At page 379 of Sequel ViewPoint User Guide,
If additional Type-4 JDBC drivers are properly installed to the iSeries Integrated File System, SEQUEL will be able to access other remote databases as well. These drivers must be restored to the IFS path: \QIBM\UserData\OS400\SQLLib\Function\ in order to be accessible by SEQUEL. The database vendor will usually supply the driver ������.jar������ file that can be expanded into the iSeries IFS.

User name and password: Connections made to the remote database will be made using the user/password stored with the entry. The password is encrypted in the SEQUELHOST file. If the user accessing the entry does not have SEQUEL administrator authority,1 they will be required to supply the correct password prior to viewing the entry details.
Server type: identifies the platform entry (beginning with an asterisk) that further defines the database server entry.
Driver: com.hxtt.sql.access.AccessDriver (specifies the path to a Type-4 JDBC driver. The path, defined by the driver
manufacturer, is specified in dotted form, as an IFS subdirectory from \QIBM\UserData\OS400\SQLLib\Function\.
(e.g. If no value is specified, then the entry specifies a DRDA database and there must be a corresponding entry matching this server name in the iSeries remote database directory (WRKRDBDIRE).)
Connection string: jdbc:access:/apat4accessDatabase (provides additional information to the driver when the connection is made. Usually this will include the address of the target server and may specify port number, database name, or other connection specific information.)

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