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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

MySql migration toolkit and access driver
Mark Prins
2007-04-19 20:25:06

I have succesfully got the MySql migration toolkit working on linux - exporting from ms-access into MySql.

My problem is that the bulk data export is limited to 1000 rows per table. No error is thrown, the exporter simply moves on to the next table once 1000 rows have been reached, if the current table has > 1000 rows.

I don't know if this is a limitation within the migration toolkit on linux or something within the ms-access driver. Have you had any experience with the migration toolkit and tables with greater than 1000 rows?

Re:MySql migration toolkit and access driver
HXTT Support
2007-04-19 20:46:53
Its' a limitation which descripted at here.

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