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Access DB JDBC Left Join.
Kenneth Miles
2007-04-30 20:22:37.0
JDBC Left join does not work the same as in access.
Re:Access DB JDBC Left Join.
HXTT Support
2007-04-30 21:03:43.0
HXTT Access suports standard INNER JOIN, FULL JOIN, LEFT JOIN, RIGHT JOIN, NATURAL JOIN, CROSS JOIN, and self join. MS Access seems to support LEFT JOIN, INNER JOIN, , RIGHT JOIN, and sometimes MS Access' LEFT JOIN works like INNER JOIN.
Re:Re:Access DB JDBC Left Join.
Kenneth Miles
2007-05-03 21:07:12.0
It leaves records out!!!, the query i have been running doesn't work link INNER JOIN, it leaves out records from inner join. I'll will post an example
Re:Re:Re:Access DB JDBC Left Join.
Kenneth Miles
2007-05-04 17:40:12.0
SELECT [01_tills].name, [01_tills].tillnum, sum(media1) AS media1_total, sum(media2) AS media2_total, sum(media3) AS media3_total
FROM 01_tills LEFT JOIN 01_trans_line ON [01_tills].tillnum=[01_trans_line].till
GROUP BY [01_tills].name, [01_tills].tillnum
order by tillnum

This query only returns 2 records, and in access it returns 11 records? Why is this so?
Re:Re:Re:Re:Access DB JDBC Left Join.
HXTT Support
2007-05-08 06:18:53.0
Tried on simuliated data, and failed to find your issue. In our test, we thought that media1, media2, and media3 belong to 01_trans_line table. You can zip and email your test mdb file.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Access DB JDBC Left Join.
Kenneth Miles
2007-05-10 03:06:54.0
The tills table is linked to another access database. Does this matter? I will email you the database asap.

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