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HXTT Access v2.1 Testing
Marcelo Vaz
2007-05-07 08:01:02.0
I have a Java application that uses the Microsoft ODBC to connect to an Access Database but, due to the large number of operations, on the middle of the process I receive the error "System Resources Exceeded".
I found on many sites that this is a bug on the Microsoft ODBC and that's why I am searching for a new way to connect to an Access Database through a Java application.
I am very interested in your HXTT Access product but it was not sucessfull when I tested it on the same conditions because the demo version is limited to 50 operations.
Unfortnatelly I can't propose buying it to my clients without being sure that it will resolve our problem, so I ask you: is there a way you to send me a demo version without this restriction?
Thanks for your help.
Re:HXTT Access v2.1 Testing
HXTT Support
2007-05-07 20:36:29.0
Please check you mailbox

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