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Alias in update query
Andy Hoffman
2009-02-12 07:54:31
When I have a parent-child relationship within my access data tables, such that RECORD.PARENT RECORD.ID within same table RECORD, I am having problems updating certain values within child record from values within parent record.

Example table...
Columns: ID (primary key int), PARENT (foriegn key int), SHARED_VALUE (varchar)

I would like to run a query such as:

update RECORD as childRec set RECORD.SHARED_VALUE =
(select SHARED_VALUE from RECORD as parentRec
where parentRec.ID = childRec.ID)

However, HXTT does not recognize the table alias within an UPDATE query, and issues parsing error "Syntax error: Stopped parse at as". Any recommedations or plans on supporting table alias within update queries?
Alias in update query
Andy Hoffman
2009-02-12 07:56:00
Correction... the inner sub-select should have read "where parentRec.ID = childRec.PARENT" - sorry.
Re:Re:Alias in update query
HXTT Support
2009-02-12 17:59:27
Please download the latest package after about 3 hours. You should use
update RECORD as childRec set SHARED_VALUE =(select SHARED_VALUE from RECORD parentRec where parentRec.ID = childRec.ID);

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