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Caching problem
Robert Nimax
2010-01-27 08:14:18.0
we have another problem with the jdbc access driver (current version).
Following setting:
There is a legacy application that executes an update statement against the access database (OLE DB Interface). In the background there is a web application using the jdbc access driver. It´s connected to the same database.
The proble is that it takes a very long time until the update of the legacy application reaches the web application, even if the web application queries a few times. Sometimes the update never reaches the web application.
We switched off the hibernate cache without any success.
We changed the connection parameters like:
...without any success.
The problems also occurs when the legacy application is shut down after the update, so the mdb-File is closed, it does not matter.
There is another interesting fact:
If you let the legacy application perform the update, close the application, open and close the mdb with MS Access, the update is present for the web application.
So...please tell me, what are we doing wrong ?
Re:Caching problem
Robert Nimax
2010-01-27 23:39:25.0
Guys...come on. This is really important.
If this will not be working, we will never ever deliver our system with the hxtt driver.
Re:Re:Caching problem
HXTT Support
2010-01-29 07:25:18.0
>The proble is that it takes a very long time until the update
>of the legacy application reaches the web application,
Try delayedClose=0 connection property.
Re:Re:Re:Caching problem
Robert Nimax
2010-01-31 22:55:39.0
I already tried to set the delayedClose connection property = 0, but it does not work.
So, the conclusion is, that there is really no way to disable the caching mechansismen ?
Re:Re:Re:Re:Caching problem
HXTT Support
2010-02-01 03:43:54.0
For the latest package, you can try J2ME=true connection property to disable the caching mechanism, to see whether your issue disappear.

>The proble is that it takes a very long time until the update of the legacy
>application reaches the web application
delayedClose=0 should work normally usually, but it doesn't check frequently whether that mdb file has been modified. If J2ME=true can let your issue disappear, we will change and provide a smarter version for delayedClose=0 with cache mechanism.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Caching problem
Robert Nimax
2010-02-01 03:59:53.0
Hi all,
I tried the J2ME=true connectin property with the latest package, but I am is not working, the cache is still there. The only way to refresh the cache is to restart the application. Of course...we can not do that. :-)
Our connection string looks like this:
The JAR file is "Access_JDBC40.jar" (release date: 2010-01-31 08:05)

Thank you again.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Caching problem
HXTT Support
2010-02-01 04:45:36.0
Wrong url format, you should use

? is wrong. Maybe that's the issue.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Caching problem
HXTT Support
2010-02-01 04:47:41.0
BTW, J2ME=true will disable cache mechanism. delayedClose=0 will use cache mechanism but discard obsoleted cache information.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Caching problem
Robert Nimax
2010-02-01 22:44:23.0
well...a combination of the (properly set ! ;-) ) connection parameters delayedClose=0 and J2ME=true was the right thing. Now it is working.

Thank you so much !

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