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suffix important to work?
Christian Schenk
2013-07-13 19:54:37.0
Hi, it is me again. Sorry to bother.

I have a Customer Relation Management Database that is from a German company Cobra. They give their database the ending .adr but I found out it is a classic Access Database. I am uploading this database to our server from time to time automatically so that these datas are also available over the internet.

Unfortunately I am getting this error:
can't connect to datasource [cobra]
d:/inetpub/wwwroot/Card-Shark/Adressen.adr isn't a database file with correct suffix!

Do I always have to change the name manually or could I somehow override that test? It worked so far with ODBC drivers, it would be great. Thank you.
Re:suffix important to work?
HXTT Support
2013-07-13 20:26:45.0
>They give their database the ending .adr
You can use otherExtension connection property in your jdbc url or properties.
otherExtension: Indicates whether Access driver supports other extension beside 'mdb', 'mde', 'accdb', 'accde', and 'accdr'. You can use comma to assign more than one extension, for instance, otherExtension=DB,ACR .

BTW, please download the latest version, which has supported REFERECENS directly in SQL ,although it's a SQL reserved word.
Re:Re:suffix important to work?
Christian Schenk
2013-07-14 04:07:03.0
Easy solution that I could not find in the documentation. This quick support of you guys is amazing, keep up the good work. Can't wait to completely move over. Bets money spent in a while!!!
Re:Re:Re:suffix important to work?
HXTT Support
2013-07-14 04:13:38.0
Connection properties are listed at here

If you wish Both of MS Access and HXTT Access can modify the same database file at the same time, you need lockType=ACCESS connection property. If there's no MS Access application, except your Java application, you needn't that connection property.

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