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Query Optimization in HxTT
2006-01-03 00:00:00.0
I am testing HxTT JDBC drivers for my university project. I tested the programms which came with demo package. Can anyone please explain the importance of programm and also I need to know how a complicated query is optimized in HxTT JDBC driver

I would highly appreciate if you can solve my question


Happy New Year

Re:Query Optimization in HxTT
HXTT Support
2006-01-03 00:00:00.0
>Can anyone please explain the importance of programm
testSQL is only used to show how to use JDBC api to execute some sqls. If you have Java and JDBC experience, you can skip that sample and use DBVisualizer, iSQL-Viewer, JBuilder's Database Pilot, SQuirreL SQL Client, DbEdit Database Utilites, and so on, to operate your data in GUI.

>I need to know how a complicated query is optimized in HxTT JDBC driver
HXTT sql parser will analyze your sql, and do many optimizations according to existent index or temporary index. For instance, it will adjust the table order of join tables, and transform your where clause, having clause, and join condition. Some where clause will be calculated as constant, some OR conditions will become IN operation(a=3 or a=4 become a in (3,4)), some AND conditions will become a condition (a=3 and b=4 become (a,b)=(3,4), a=3 and b>'abc' become (a,b)(=,>)(3,4)) to utilize compound index. All in, between.. and... can utilize index. a like 'eeee' will become a='eee', and a like 'a%' can utilize index. Sometimes it will utilize bitmap operation for condition operation. A prepared sql can be optimizsed too...

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