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SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
Joe Gooch
2006-11-10 14:49:51.0
It seems that as of SquirrelSQL 2.3 final the schema enumeration no longer works with HXTT DBF 3.0.024. In SquirrelSQL 2.1 it works fine. In SquirrelSQL 2.3 it gives me catalogs and schema entries but no tables underneath. SquirrelSQL is free and available at Any ideas?
Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
HXTT Support
2006-11-10 23:52:53.0
Recurred, and dug out the issue in SquirrelSQL 2.3.1. I will write a patch and contact with the author of SquirrelSQL, and wish he can accept my suggestion.
Re:Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
HXTT Support
2006-11-12 03:02:02.0
I have notified one of SquirrelSQL's developers. Before they accept HXTT's modifications, you can download Fixed squirrel-sql.jar, and replace the squirrel-sql.jar file in your SquirrelSQL directory. BTW, it's for SquirrelSQL 2.3.1, but it should work for your SquirrelSQL 2.3 too.
Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
Joe Gooch
2006-11-12 05:39:33.0
Yep, that fixes it. Could you also post a unified diff of the source changes?

Re:Re:Re:Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
HXTT Support
2006-11-12 05:56:25.0
I sent one of SquirrelSQL's developers those modifications. You can download it from default_drivers.xml,, and One new schema cache in SquirrelSQL 2.3 resulted that issue, but it shouldn't consider as a bug of SquirrelSQL or HXTT. Because Database Pilot, DBVisualizer, iSQL-Viewer, AquaDataStudio, SQuirreL SQL Client, and DbEdit Database Utilites, are expecting differect things for a JDBC driver, and HXTT has to do some balance strategy to let it can work normally with them at full steam.
Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
Joe Gooch
2006-11-12 06:15:36.0
I was looking to see what changed so I can be sure in my application (where I'm using databasemetadata calls) I'm using methods that will work in my environment.

I generated a patch from the source you posted.
Thanks again!
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
HXTT Support
2006-11-12 15:42:46.0
It should work in your application.

First, let me introduce the special catalog name, ".", in HXTT's
drivers. Those drivers supports to use subdirectory path as catalog
name, and "." is used as the toppest catalog name, because null can't
be used as formal catalog name. I have to modify the line 912 of

Secondly, null as catalog name is only allowed to fetches tables in
the toppsest directory. I have to add the following code into the line
1070 of

I modified also default_drivers.xml to add six type 4 JDBC drivers' information.

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:SquirrelSQL 2.3 DatabaseMetaData
HXTT Support
2006-11-14 19:50:24.0
Two developers of SquirrelSQL has contacted with HXTT, and are adjusting/testing SquirrelSQL's code to avoid the similar issue:)

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