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java.sql.SQLException: single-row subquery returns none row
Nick Holcombe
2006-12-15 04:35:13.0
I'm getting an "java.sql.SQLException: single-row subquery returns none row" when I execute my query.

Can you tell me what this exception means; all I can find in the documentation is "SQLState 01430 - single-row subquery returns none row"


The SQL query that I am running is (auto-generated from hibernate):

select functions0_.ID as ID1_, functions0_.FUN_ID as FUN1_1_, functions0_.FUN_ID as FUN1_6_0_, functions0_.ID as ID6_0_, functions0_.CODE as CODE6_0_, functions0_.SUB_CODE as SUB4_6_0_, (select fs.amt from funsub fs where fs.code == functions0_.code and fs.sub_code == functions0_.sub_code) as formula1_0_ from FUN functions0_ where functions0_.ID=?
Re:java.sql.SQLException: single-row subquery returns none row
HXTT Support
2006-12-15 04:39:23.0
>(select fs.amt from funsub fs where fs.code == functions0_.code and fs.sub_code == functions0_.sub_code)
That sql need to return one data row, but it failed to find such a row sometimes.
Re:Re:java.sql.SQLException: single-row subquery returns none row
2007-05-30 22:03:21.0
When tring to implement Hibernate I get the following exception why?

3:15:04,703 INFO Environment:500 - Hibernate 3.2.1
13:15:04,718 INFO Environment:533 - not found
13:15:04,718 INFO Environment:667 - Bytecode provider name : cglib
13:15:04,734 INFO Environment:584 - using JDK 1.4 java.sql.Timestamp handling
13:15:04,796 INFO Configuration:1423 - configuring from resource: /hibernate.cfg.xml
13:15:04,796 INFO Configuration:1400 - Configuration resource: /hibernate.cfg.xml
13:15:04,937 INFO Configuration:553 - Reading mappings from resource : User.hbm.xml
13:15:05,093 INFO HbmBinder:300 - Mapping class: User -> USERS
13:15:05,125 INFO Configuration:1538 - Configured SessionFactory: null
13:15:05,218 INFO DriverManagerConnectionProvider:41 - Using Hibernate built-in connection pool (not for production use!)
13:15:05,218 INFO DriverManagerConnectionProvider:42 - Hibernate connection pool size: 20
13:15:05,218 INFO DriverManagerConnectionProvider:45 - autocommit mode: true
13:15:05,328 INFO DriverManagerConnectionProvider:80 - using driver: com.hxtt.sql.dbf.DBFDriver at URL: jdbc:dbf://;password=456
13:15:05,328 INFO DriverManagerConnectionProvider:86 - connection properties: {autocommit=true}
13:15:05,609 INFO SettingsFactory:81 - RDBMS: HXTT.SQL.REMOTE, version: HXTT.SQL.REMOTE HXTT DBF JDBC Driver -- A Type 4 JDBC1.2 driver for dbase, Visual DBASE, SIx Driver, SoftC, Clipper, Foxbase, Foxpro, and VFP
13:15:05,640 INFO SettingsFactory:82 - JDBC driver: HXTT DBF JDBC Driver -- A Type 4 JDBC1.2 driver for dbase, Visual DBASE, SIx Driver, SoftC, Clipper, Foxbase, Foxpro, and VFP, version: HXTT DBF JDBC Driver -- A Type 4 JDBC1.2 driver for dbase, Visual DBASE, SIx Driver, SoftC, Clipper, Foxbase, Foxpro, and VFP
13:15:05,687 INFO Dialect:151 - Using dialect:
13:15:05,703 INFO TransactionFactoryFactory:31 - Using default transaction strategy (direct JDBC transactions)
13:15:05,703 INFO TransactionManagerLookupFactory:33 - No TransactionManagerLookup configured (in JTA environment, use of read-write or transactional second-level cache is not recommended)
13:15:05,703 INFO SettingsFactory:134 - Automatic flush during beforeCompletion(): disabled
13:15:05,703 INFO SettingsFactory:138 - Automatic session close at end of transaction: disabled
13:15:05,703 INFO SettingsFactory:145 - JDBC batch size: 15
13:15:05,703 INFO SettingsFactory:148 - JDBC batch updates for versioned data: disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:153 - Scrollable result sets: enabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:161 - JDBC3 getGeneratedKeys(): disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:169 - Connection release mode: auto
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:193 - Maximum outer join fetch depth: 2
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:196 - Default batch fetch size: 1
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:200 - Generate SQL with comments: disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:204 - Order SQL updates by primary key: disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:369 - Query translator: org.hibernate.hql.ast.ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
13:15:05,718 INFO ASTQueryTranslatorFactory:24 - Using ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:212 - Query language substitutions: {true=}
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:217 - JPA-QL strict compliance: disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:222 - Second-level cache: enabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:226 - Query cache: disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:356 - Cache provider: org.hibernate.cache.NoCacheProvider
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:241 - Optimize cache for minimal puts: disabled
13:15:05,718 INFO SettingsFactory:250 - Structured second-level cache entries: disabled
13:15:05,734 INFO SettingsFactory:277 - Statistics: disabled
13:15:05,734 INFO SettingsFactory:281 - Deleted entity synthetic identifier rollback: disabled
13:15:05,734 INFO SettingsFactory:296 - Default entity-mode: pojo
13:15:05,781 INFO SessionFactoryImpl:161 - building session factory
13:15:06,140 INFO SessionFactoryObjectFactory:82 - Not binding factory to JNDI, no JNDI name configured
13:15:06,203 DEBUG SQL:393 - select max(user_id) from USERS
User saved with ID = 1
User updated with ID = 1
13:15:07,406 DEBUG SQL:393 - insert into USERS (first_name, last_name, age, email, user_id) values (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError: com.hxtt.sql.remote.k.addBatch()V
at org.hibernate.jdbc.BatchingBatcher.addToBatch(
at org.hibernate.persister.entity.AbstractEntityPersister.insert(
at org.hibernate.persister.entity.AbstractEntityPersister.insert(
at org.hibernate.action.EntityInsertAction.execute(
at org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue.execute(
at org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue.executeActions(
at org.hibernate.engine.ActionQueue.executeActions(
at org.hibernate.event.def.AbstractFlushingEventListener.performExecutions(
at org.hibernate.event.def.DefaultFlushEventListener.onFlush(
at org.hibernate.impl.SessionImpl.flush(
at TestClient.main(
Java Result: 1
Re:Re:Re:java.sql.SQLException: single-row subquery returns none row
HXTT Support
2007-05-30 23:01:16.0
>Exception in thread "main" java.lang.AbstractMethodError:
> com.hxtt.sql.remote.k.addBatch()V
>A Type 4 JDBC1.2 driver
Check your JDBC version. A JDBC1.2 package won't support addBatch, a JDBC2.0 method.

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