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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

CSV Files
Ram Sankar
2007-04-30 08:20:22.0

We are going to support CSV files with Macedonian characters. Currently we are supporting Customization of columns using the Schema.ini files and allows the user to select the directory from where they are trying to get data instead of single file. User could change the column name, data type, delimiting character, size, First Row consider as Column Name header or not. Our implementation simulates " Windows ODBC Data Administrator ".

My question is in Text - HXTT driver will support this column customization or not ? If yes, please guide me how to achieve this. Please send me the details. We are going to buy the license for Excel, CSV, Access. We are ok with your Excel drivers. I need some guidance on CSV and Access. Mail me the details of column customization in your CSV / Text drivers


Re:CSV Files
HXTT Support
2007-04-30 08:37:21.0
Supports. It's at Connecting to the Database. You should read:
odbcSchemaFile: Indicates whether loads ODBC schema file for table definition. Default: null. null
It supports to load odbcSchemaFile from any (absolute or relative) path, even you can load it from http url or compressed file.

>Macedonian characters
You can try charSet: To specify a Character Encoding Scheme other than the client default. You can find a Supported Encodings list of file:///c|/jdk1.2/docs/guide/internat/encoding.doc.html. Cp895(Czech MS - DOS 895), Cp620(Polish MS - DOS 620) and Mazovia are extra supported although JVM doesn't support those.

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