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Accessing tables in VFP DBC
Paul Hall
2007-12-09 05:54:09.0
I have tables in a Visual FoxPro DBC. I've tried the approach described in question 4 from the FAQ for accessing these tables. The tables that are in the same directory as the DBC are accessible.

However, Tables in a DBC do not have to be stored in the same folder as the DBC itself. And, in this case we specifically have to store the different tables in different folders. How can we access the table through the DBC without having to reference each individual folder. (If we have to put the folder where each table is stored, this means we're just ignoring the DBC and treating the path to the table as if it were a free table in the same folder as the DBC).

I'm must be doing something wrong. Thanks for your help.

(e.g. Select selldate,sellname,sellqty from MyDBC.MyTable3,
where MyTable3 is stored in Folder3, instead of in the same folder as the DBC.)

Thanks, Paul Hall

Re:Accessing tables in VFP DBC
HXTT Support
2007-12-09 06:43:07.0
>Select selldate,sellname,sellqty from MyDBC.MyTable3,
>where MyTable3 is stored in Folder3, instead of in the same folder as the DBC.
You can remove MyDBC, and change the jdbc url, use Select selldate,sellname,sellqty from "Folder3".MyTable3. MyDBC isn't necessary for accessing DBC's tables.
Re:Re:Accessing tables in VFP DBC
Paul Hall
2007-12-09 14:09:50.0
So, this seems to access the table directly on its path, not using the DBC.
For each query, the path to the table has to be included?

Since the DBC already knows where the table is, I was hoping I could put the path to the DBC in the jdbc URL and it would find the table using information in the DBC.

Thanks for your response.

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