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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

quoting column names in indices
2008-01-31 12:59:13
I had a problem originally reported in November 2007 ( where column names in indices were not being quoted. I'm wondering if there is a fix for this yet?

To recap:
- I have a legacy database (which cannot be changed) with a column name "table".
- It has an index "UPPER(table)".
- HXTT DBF driver exception is:
"Can't parse index expression UPPER(table)"

- If the driver can automatically quote column names in expressions within an index then this will address the problem.

Re:quoting column names in indices
HXTT Support
2008-01-31 20:13:13
It seems that we missed that support thread. Supported index on "table" or "drop" column according to your request. A latest package will be available after about 24 hours.
Re:Re:quoting column names in indices
2008-02-01 08:32:03
I've downloaded the latest package and I'm now getting:
"Syntax error: Stopped parse at )"

I'm assuming (but cannot see from the error) that this is still on the same expression UPPER(table) because my code hasn't changed.
Re:Re:Re:quoting column names in indices
HXTT Support
2008-02-01 18:39:41
What's your sql? For your sql, you should use "table",[table], "drop", or [drop]. For old dbf index file, you needn't change.
Re:Re:Re:Re:quoting column names in indices
2008-02-01 19:10:49
I'll try again...

I am not writing the SQL that is causing the problem.

The legacy database has...
* A table called "sysgenpk"
* A column called "table"
* An index on the column "table" of table "sysgenpk" using an expression "upper(table)"

If I try to use table "sysgenpk" in any way, such as by doing,
select "table" from "sysgenpk"
I get an error because the HXTT DBF driver is getting confused by the expression defined by the index -> "upper(table)".

I am assuming the HXTT DBF driver can handle indices using expressions rather than simple columns.

I am asking that when the driver parses such an expression it ALWAYS AND AUTOMATICALLY quotes all column references so that it doesn't get confused. In the example above the driver would parse the expression of the index on column "table" of table "sysgenpk" as follows:

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:quoting column names in indices
HXTT Support
2008-02-01 19:24:44
>by the index -> "upper(table)".
But the latest package has supported it in our test case. Please send us your dbf index sample������which maybe has other index expressions.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:quoting column names in indices
2008-02-02 14:52:36
Ok, I downloaded the latest package and it works now. I guess when I did it yesterday I must have downloaded the previous version.


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