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Heng Xing Tian Tai Ltd. of Beijing City (abbr, HXTT)

issue with inserts
Pablo Sortino
2009-03-19 18:45:24.0
When I make an insert (from the hxtt driver) in a dbf table looks like the index became corrupted!

after a sql insert with the driver -- > insert into fmcc01 (operac, secuen, nrocuo, impcuo) VALUES (15, 1, 1, 15.50)

IF I made from vfp6:

USE fmcr01.dbf SHARED

USE fmcr01.dbf SHARED
set order to operac

1) Works ok
2) Looks like the index is corrupted

Note: There is a legacy system running with vfp and the inserted records are not showed if I do not make a reindex from VFP
Note 2: I sent you an email with subject "issue with inserts" with the database already corrupted

Thanks in advance,
Re:issue with inserts
HXTT Support
2009-03-19 20:03:39.0
# v4.2.052 fixed an insert bug on CDX index since v4.2.039.
# v4.2.040 supports EVALUATE(cExpression).
# v4.2.039 solved a CDX multiuser compatibility issue with VFP, which VFP will produce specific duplicated index information sometimes on mulituser mode.

You should be using v4.2.022, please download the latest package, and remember to use lockType=VFP connection property. For corrupted index, you can run once "reindex all on fmcr01;" to rebuild it.
Re:Re:issue with inserts
Pablo Sortino
2009-03-20 18:50:34.0
I have still same issue.
I was already using the 4.2.052 version of your driver

If I try to get the index information from (Squirrel SQL) while "Microsoft Visual Fox Pro 6" is using a database (even 'SHARED').
The driver give me the following error:

java.sql.SQLException: Failed to load table fmcc01! For more information, please use SQLException.getNextException().
at Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.dbf.i.long(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.dbf.i.goto(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.dbf.c.a(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.dbf.c.(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.dbf.u.a(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.dbf.u.if(Unknown Source)
at com.hxtt.sql.a.getIndexInfo(Unknown Source)

If I try the same, but without VFP 6 running the driver works ok and return the index informartion.

Note: I tested using lockType=VFP, lockType=XBASE, lockType=FOXPRO, lockType=FOXBASE and without lockType --> All the same issue.

Please help me,


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