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Heng Xin Tian Tai Ltd. of Beijing City (abbr, HXTT)

HXTT Index Corrupt
2010-12-22 12:19:29.0
I've been using HXTT DBF v4.2 and ran into issue with CDX files. I'm able to successfully add new record in DBF file. However, when I tried to access it from FoxPro, it says "Unrecognized index file revision. Please recreate the index". Looks like the CSX gets corrupted while adding records in DBF file. Can someone please assist with this error and provide solution for it?
Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
HXTT Support
2010-12-22 16:21:37.0
>Can someone please assist with this error and provide solution for it?
Run once "reindex all on yourTable" to fix. Then use lockType=VFP connection property in your connection to do furture concurrent modification.
Re:Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
2010-12-23 09:05:48.0
I tried lockType=VFP connection property and used "reindex all" command. Now, it's showing different message "Index doesn't match database file.Recreate Index" while accesing it from Foxpro. Looks like still there is a problem with CDX file. Any other suggesions which I can try to get rid off this issue? It's bit urgent as it's impacting our production systems.
Re:Re:Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
HXTT Support
2010-12-23 16:50:38.0
>Now, it's showing different message "Index doesn't match database file.Recreate
>Index" while accesing it from Foxpro.
What's your Foxpro version? It seems that your CDX format maybe contains non-standard information. If possible, please email us your dbf and cdx sample, so that we can recur your issue. Then your issue will be resolved in 24 hours.
Re:Re:Re:Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
2010-12-27 06:46:02.0
We are using FoxPro 2.5 (X). The size of DBF & CDX files are huge. Please let me know your email address so that I can share my ftp details from when you can get sample files. Thank You.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
HXTT Support
2010-12-28 00:12:57.0
>We are using FoxPro 2.5 (X).
Tested. It should be a different collation sequence issue. Please download the latest package, then run once 'reindex all on your table" again. If your issue exists still, you can email support @ .
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
2010-12-29 10:02:04.0
Have downloaded new version and the problem exists. I've sent email to along with FTP details so that you guyz can get sample files.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:HXTT Index Corrupt
HXTT Support
2010-12-29 20:24:20.0
1st. Download the latest package
2nd. Run once "reindex all on uiia" through HXTT DBF, then you will get a 2050KB UIIA.CDX file.
3rd. Run the following code in Foxpro2.5
SET INDEX to uiia.cdx tag cid
select * from uiia where cid='161626'

SET INDEX to uiia.cdx tag stamp
select * from uiia where timestamp='20040630174757'

SET INDEX to uiia.cdx tag CMPY
select * from uiia where upper(company)='100028 COMPANY' and (status!='D' or r_status='A')

close all

It seems normal.

>"Index doesn't match database file.Recreate Index"
If you meet that issue again, please let us know your foxpro code to recur. Thanks.

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