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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

What is new on version 5?
2011-04-11 17:16:07.0
Cannot find information regarding the changes on the new version, can you provide some document or a link please?
Re:What is new on version 5?
HXTT Support
2011-04-12 06:36:06.0
It's at here.
* v5.0.002 supports CREATE VIEW and DROP VIEW.
* v4.2.207 provides emptyStringAsNull connection property.
* SELECT ... FOR UPDATE will lock all the selected rows for transaction until transaction commit or rollback even if you close that ResultSet since v4.2.200.
* SELECT ... FOR UPDATE will lock all the selected rows so that other users cannot lock or update the rows until you close that ResultSet since v4.2.198.
* v4.2.175 supports function decode( expression , search , result [, search , result]... [, default] )
* v4.2.155 provides lockType=Alaska connection property to detect Alaska Software's CDX incompatible format.
* v4.2.155 provides ODBCTrimBehavior, caseInsensitive, and emptyDecimalAsZero connection property.
* v4.2.153 fixed a bug on CDX index varchar expression since v4.2.117.
* v4.2.137 provides tmpdir=_memory_ connection property.

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