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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

Regression between hxtt-dbf 4.2.211 and 5.1.017
TOPdesk - Michel Fleur
2012-02-09 03:40:08.0
There is a regression between the following HXTT/DBF driver versions:
- hxtt-dbf-4.2.211 (correct behavior)
- hxtt-dbf-5.1.017 (incorrect behavior)

To demonstrate this, we constructed a query that should not return any results. In the 4.2.211 version it indeed doesn't return results, the 5.1.017 does return results.

There should be no results, because of the JOIN

LEFT JOIN data.accountmanager am ON k.behandelaa == am.unid

combined with the WHERE condition:

... AND NOT k.behandelaa == am.unid)

The complete query:

k.unid as unid,
k.BEDRIJF as naam,
k.behandelaa as kbehandelaarid,
am.unid as amunid,
am.gebruikerid as amgebruikerid,
g.unid as gunid,
g.naam as extrabid,
k.extraopz3 as kextraopz3,
e1.unid as e1unid,
e1.tekst as extraaid
data.KLANT k
LEFT JOIN data.vrijopzoek e1 ON k.extraopz3 == e1.unid
LEFT JOIN data.accountmanager am ON k.behandelaa == am.unid
LEFT JOIN data.gebruiker g ON am.gebruikerid == g.unid
(k.status = 2) and not(k.behandelaa == am.unid)

A database will be sent to you in an E-mail that shall mention this issue number.
Re:Regression between hxtt-dbf 4.2.211 and 5.1.017
HXTT Support
2012-02-09 07:46:57.0
Checked. That issue is resulted by join table optimazation. Thanks. It'll be upload after about 12 hours.

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