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HXTT Excel
Numbers in column of type DATE
Remco Schoen
2009-11-04 06:36:34.0
If I have a number in a column of type DATE, the driver tries to convert the number to a date probably the constructor Date(long date). For instance the number 1 results in 1970-01-01.

In Excel itself the number 1 stands for 1900-01-01. If you use the ODBC-driver from Microsoft the number 1 is returned as the date 1900-01-01.

Is it possible to have the same behaviour as in Excel?

With kind regards,

Remco Schoen
Re:Numbers in column of type DATE
HXTT Support
2009-11-04 12:24:02.0
1900-01-01 should be a speical date for MS Excel. Please try the latest package, which will think number 1 is 1900-01-01, number 2 is 1900-01-02, and so on.
Re:Re:Numbers in column of type DATE
Remco Schoen
2009-11-06 02:02:38.0
In version 2.2.103 I'm still getting the result 1970 in stead of 1900.
Re:Re:Re:Numbers in column of type DATE
HXTT Support
2009-11-10 06:27:10.0
Recurred. The latest package will be available in 2 hours.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Numbers in column of type DATE
Remco Schoen
2009-11-11 06:40:57.0
Yup, this now works correctly.

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