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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

HXTT Excel
Issue with decimal numbers
Paul Gibbs
2018-04-11 08:07:27.0
Hi, I have an XLS file which I need to process and which I recently purchased the Excel driver from yourselves to achieve this.
There are several columns in the file that contain decimal numbers.
When I view the XLS file using Excel, an example of the value displayed would be
0.0012 , however, if I click on the cell, the actual value shown in the top bar is actually 0.00118609793531707
When I select this column using the 4.1 driver, the SQL returns 0.0012.
As there are several thousand rows in the file, this "rounding" means when I sum the result set, the total is significantly different.
Is there a way to retrieve the actual values from the cell rather than the displayed values, ideally without having to change the formatting in the XLS as this will be an automated process to retrieve and query the files.
Re:Issue with decimal numbers
HXTT Support
2018-04-12 06:32:36.0
Supported. Please download the latest package. Now it will return 0.00118609793531707.

If you use withForamt=true connection property, it will return 0.0012 .
Re:Re:Issue with decimal numbers
Paul Gibbs
2018-04-13 06:06:33.0
Thanks for the quick fix. Have tested and full decimals are now returned.

Slightly confused regarding the property you have added to make driver behave as it used to (ie only return displayed numbers).

(If you use withForamt=true connection property, it will return 0.0012 .)

Please confirm the exact property I need to add to the connect string to use this setting as I can't seem to make it return the shortened values now

Re:Re:Re:Issue with decimal numbers
Paul Gibbs
2018-04-16 00:49:49.0
Any update on this question

I have tried Format=true, Foramt=true, withFormat=true and withForamt=true and all still return the full number of decimals

Please explain

Re:Re:Re:Re:Issue with decimal numbers
HXTT Support
2018-04-16 04:45:48.0
Sorry. A typo.


For instance, jdbc:excel:/yourPath?withFormat=true

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