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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

HXTT Paradox
Error invalid data block
Elkin Torres
2015-10-01 07:51:10.0

We are using your Paradox_JDBC40 driver and when querying a table this error is shown:

Failed to go Rowid 800B3A7E43324D303530544734303532028B0096 of table
CINIMARGINCALC:An invalid data block at position 21334016 of

The queries to this table works fine all day, but at the end of the day the table is updated and then the error starts showing.

Could you please help us indicating what can we do? Maybe tweak the JDBC connection parameters in our application server?

Thank you
Re:Error invalid data block
HXTT Support
2015-10-01 08:05:51.0
First, backup your data files.
Secondly, what program updated your db? It seems that HXTT Paradox detects an invalid data block.
Thirdly, consider renewing your license to get the latest package. Maybe it can read your corrupted block, or maybe it need manual repair.
Re:Re:Error invalid data block
2015-10-20 19:00:55.0

Still got the same error and already renewed our license and try with latest package. Please give us directions on what to do, is critical for us to be able to query that table.
Re:Re:Re:Error invalid data block
HXTT Support
2015-10-20 22:13:11.0
Then your paradox db file need to be repaire. . If possible, you can zip it, then upload it to HXTT's site.

ftp site:
ftp user:
ftp password: (empty)
login mode: normal (not anonymous)
ftp port:21
upload directory: incoming
After upload, you can't see that upload file, but it has been upload.

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