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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

HXTT Paradox
Question about milliseconds precission
2016-06-02 08:23:56.0

We have recently purchased your JDBC connector for Paradox database, it seems to work properly but I have a problem with milliseconds precission.

We have an integration with external application that uses Paradox and they have relationships between tables with datetime primary key fields. When I have to insert a row in the related table, first of all I read the row on primary table and then copy the value to insert into the related table, but unfortunately this new row is not related with the primary when I see the results on this external application.

A example datetime value recovered from database have this format '2015/05/07 20:55:59.328000000', it seems like the connector is not retrieving the complete precission of this datetime, I think the original data have precission on this 0 end values ('2015/05/07 20:55:59.328XXXXXX').

Can you help me?

Best Regards,

Re:Question about milliseconds precission
HXTT Support
2016-06-02 08:49:59.0
A Paradox timestamp value should have a resolution of 1/500 seconds. You can send us a simple database sample so that we can check the difference.

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