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Heng Xing Tian Tai Ltd. of Beijing City (abbr, HXTT)

Correct date format
2006-07-10 04:39:35.0
I'm trying to read a csv (with no header).
I got a correct date format exception.

However, the column is not a Date column. How can I prevent from HXTT to determine the type of the columns and read all as String ?
Re:Correct date format
HXTT Support
2006-07-10 05:50:33.0
Please download the latest package, which has supported negative value for maxScanRows connection property.

maxScanRows: Indicates how many rows should be scanned when determining the column types. If you set MaxScanRows to 0, the entire file is scanned. If you set MaxScanRows to a negative value, the file won't be scanned. For those tables with predefined table structure, that option will be ignored. Default value: 10.

For instance, jdbc:csv:/c:/csvfiles?maxScanRows=-1

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