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query count different?
John Rodriguez
2007-01-10 06:30:49.0
The following code gives me 1000 records:

rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM applications");
int i = 0;
while( {
System.out.println("count(applicants) = " + i);

but this code gives me the correct size (3767)

rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT count(*) as c FROM applications");
if( {
System.out.println("count(applicants) = " + rs.getInt("c"));

Why? I need to get all 3767 records!
Re:query count different?
HXTT Support
2007-01-10 06:48:49.0
The trial version queries return the first 1000 rows in the result set.
Re:Re:query count different?
John Rodriguez
2007-01-10 06:51:58.0
In your documentation (, it states 5000 records! Can I get a temporary license? My demo depends on full data coverage and could result it us purchasing this driver.

Re:Re:Re:query count different?
HXTT Support
2007-01-10 22:21:27.0
Please download the latest v3.1 package which hasn't 100 limitation.

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