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Heng Xing Tian Tai Lab of Xi'an City (abbr, HXTT)

When do tmp files go away?
James Ducharme
2010-08-02 07:50:15.0
Can you help me understand what prompts the tmp files used by the HXTT Text (CSV) file to go away? We are using the 4.2 version and we have a case where the driver is creating about 3GB of tmp files. We finish our activity with the data and the files don't seem to be going away. Our issue is trying to figure out how big we will need to make this tmp space as we keep running out of it.
Re:When do tmp files go away?
HXTT Support
2010-08-02 21:52:52.0
What's the suffix of those temporary files?
Re:Re:When do tmp files go away?
James Ducharme
2010-08-03 05:43:47.0
They are all .tmp files and there are quite a few of them. Below is the contents of the /tmp directory following our processing:

XTT2574610780301149600.TMP HXTT4266209517947022809.TMP
HXTT6086211736777350949.TMP HXTT7693234193257664486.TMP
HXTT2600043495827387161.TMP HXTT4269795149239736231.TMP
HXTT6088065423000992346.TMP HXTT7695080402982735845.TMP
HXTT2616882274226907222.TMP HXTT4280695273026910555.TMP
HXTT6094637684084567739.TMP HXTT7718555813408744596.TMP
HXTT2640533125834430516.TMP HXTT4286180421285768106.TMP
HXTT6100506973604987510.TMP HXTT772013170536793609.TMP
HXTT2648807706151474006.TMP HXTT4295469127355633177.TMP
HXTT6105178268822977029.TMP HXTT7725346244261661173.TMP
HXTT2653677123210195848.TMP HXTT4336595032665392272.TMP
HXTT6111747086821177671.TMP HXTT7726416944281880857.TMP
HXTT2666845221320012806.TMP HXTT4352840395914955027.TMP
HXTT6140528384436334916.TMP HXTT7732446925332471351.TMP
HXTT2677298431458933369.TMP HXTT4368534639962011217.TMP
HXTT6141052203821276533.TMP HXTT7732889954753406981.TMP
HXTT2688370041536534861.TMP HXTT437243979776685691.TMP
HXTT6144681766137160319.TMP HXTT773954539402233284.TMP
HXTT2705894398517074643.TMP HXTT4373709085883038764.TMP
HXTT6155034102974066576.TMP HXTT7762108794861540924.TMP
HXTT2711246608327841897.TMP HXTT4374848887214908774.TMP
HXTT6156195186773568243.TMP HXTT7767499059807886972.TMP
HXTT2726600942537360860.TMP HXTT4381520342349369546.TMP
HXTT61570260422886190.TMP HXTT778054822031609977.TMP
HXTT2728479686763125624.TMP HXTT4390241803581339897.TMP
HXTT6161008923614541783.TMP HXTT7786077969613943888.TMP
Re:Re:Re:When do tmp files go away?
HXTT Support
2010-08-03 08:34:14.0
>We finish our activity with the data and the files don't seem to be going away.
1. When Java VM exit, it will be deleted.
2. HXTT will remove all older temporary files after about 6 hours according to one counter. It seems that frequency is too low. The latest version will remove temproary files after about 30 minutes.
Re:Re:Re:Re:When do tmp files go away?
2010-08-03 09:01:41.0
Yikes. This driver is running inside the context of the application server so the VM really isn't going to exit. I'm not sure what the relationship is between these files and the JDBC connections or the "tables" being used in the quer(ies) but in our use cases we don't want these files laying around. We are really using the JDBC driver to import csv data so once we collect it we really don't have to go back to it. Ideally if these files are somehow related to the JDBC connection then after the connection is closed then it would be nice to see these cleaned up. I can understand why that might not make sense generally as I presume you might use these files if I open another connection to the same files in the future? But perhaps even a configurable parameter which tells the driver after how many seconds to clean up un-used temp files.

Lastly, when you say "the latest version" do you mean the version posted up on the site now, the next released version? We recently downloaded an update but if you could tell me the specific version that might at least give us a bit better relief here.

thanks! I appreciate the responsiveness of your support.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:When do tmp files go away?
HXTT Support
2010-08-03 09:45:16.0
>the next released version?
Upload now. Please download it.
Re:When do tmp files go away?
James Ducharme
2010-08-05 18:53:59.0
Thank you for your continued support. We are also noticing that in the 7/21/2010 released version of the driver, that the .TMP files will fill our /tmp directory in a very short amount of time. The /tmp directory has 1 to 3 GB of space, yet it fills to 100% capacity within seconds.

We did not notice this with previous versions of the driver.

Is there an issue with this latest version? The issue only seems to manifest itself with large data sets (ie: a .csv file with 500,000 rows, for example).

The SELECT queries contain 'DISTINCT' statements, as well as 'CASE' statements.

Is there a recommended amount of space to allocate to /tmp, for example?

Kind regards.
Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:When do tmp files go away?
HXTT Support
2010-08-10 09:56:12.0
Supported. PLease download the latest package.

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