How to config the HXTT Paradox Data Source at Oracle Application 10G?

  1.Login as admin user to Oracle Application 10G.

  2. You will see the follows window after logined .


  3. Click the home link and enter the home information page.

   4. Click the Administration link to enter the home manage page.


  5. Click Edit Icon right the Shared  Libraries enter the  Shared library manage page.


 6. Click the Create button to create a new Shared Library configuration.
    In the Shared Library Name input this library name, I input hxtt.paradox.
    In the Shared Library Version input this library version, i input 3.0.

 7. Input the name and version,click the Next button.


  8. Click the Add button to add the package file.

     click the Browse to open file select dialog and select the Paradox_JDBC30.jar file.


  9.  Click continue, 


  10. Click the Next button .



  11. Click Finish will complete Shared Library Configuration.

  12. Open the System-application.xml file which located at $home\config\ directory. And insert the followd content at <imported-shared-libraries> node.

    <import-shared-library name="hxtt.paradox" />

    You should restart your oracle application server before do the next step. 


  13. Return the home manage page, and click the Edit link right the JDBC Resources.



  14. Click the Create button to create a new data source.

  15. Select native data source option, and click  Continue button.


   16. Input all the properties and click Finish.

   17. Test you servlet and your jsp page which contains the followed code, it would work normal.

       Context ctx = new InitialContext(); 
       com.hxtt.sql.HxttConnectionPoolDataSource a = (com.hxtt.sql.HxttConnectionPoolDataSource) ctx.lookup(jndisrcname); 
       PooledConnection aConn = a.getPooledConnection();
       Statement aStat = aConn.getConnection().createStatement();
       aStat.executeUpdate("create table if not exists XYZ(AINT INT)");
       aStat.executeUpdate("insert into XYZ values (1)");
       aStat.executeUpdate("insert into XYZ values (2)");